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The Power of Gif!

Oct 29, 2021


Moving images have great appeal… I don’t think you need to be convinced. Video and gif are the ultimate promotional tool on the Web and is one of the most shared media.

In recent years, we saw a rise in popularity of GIF and they have been incorporated in many app.

gif brent rambo power of gif

Conversation Tool

With the arrival of VINE and SNAPCHAT, short videos are more popular than ever. Therefore, the major social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google plus) have decided to include GIF in their messaging app.

The trend is to use GIF to carry on conversations and express moods. Similar to Internet memes, they are shared elements or phenomena that spread via the les INTER-WEBS!

Some brands took advantage of this trend by creating a series of GIF available on their Web site. For example, it’s now common for major film studios to launch a plethora of GIF when releasing a movie in theatres.

gif frozen power of gif

Use in Web Advertisement

Nowadays, most of animated banners are in GIF format for compatibility and size reasons. Exit complex flash animations that were dedicated to true connoisseurs. Today, creating an animated Web banner is much more accessible.

gif sweater eggnog lactaid

Use on Website

GIF has been included in Web sites development to bring motion without making them too heavy by adding complex programming code. This is why it’s common to see instruction pages using GIF rather than videos.

gif web navigation tech support

You can also put short animations in few relevant places on your Web site to create dynamism.

Create Your Gifs

If you want to create your own gifs, here are specialized websites :


You can still use Photoshop or GIMP to create personalized videos!

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